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Piers Morgan challenges Twitter critic to CNN debate.

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Piers Morgan’s interview of Trayvon Martin’s shooter, Robert Zimmerman left at least some too excited to sleep — if the activity on Twitter was any indication. Toure’s critique that Morgan was too soft in his questioning of Zimmerman caused Piers Morgan to posture with his Twitter public:.

Morgan: “Oh Toure, you’re such a tedious little twerp”.

Morgan: “You are so wrong about my Robert Zimmerman interview.. .[It was] firm but fair.” 

Toure: “It was neither: Do better.’

Toure: “You do serious damage to America when you go lies about this case to go unchallenged on CNN.”

Specifically, the debate was about Toure’s challenge to Morgan about his fair and accuracy in journalistic reporting. He asked Morgan why he did not question Zimmerman when he said he was on his way to Target, and not patrolling the neighbourhood on the night that he shot Trayvon Martin.

The twitter debate between Piers Morgan and Toure.

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