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Twitter for Newsrooms Helps to Close Age Gap

A new reporting guide for journalists helps to explain how best to use Twitter in the newsroom. This guide acknowledges the age gap and the credibility gap in newsrooms when it comes to Twitter.

I have spoken with reporters in major news organizations who are not convinced that they need to be using Twitter.

Yet ask any J-Schooler, and they will tell you how key Twitter has become to their craft.

The guide is not exactly a revelation, but learning to use Twitter takes a little time, tech savvy and a certain enthusiasm for social media. This HOW TO guide will help still reluctant tweeters jump into the fray – and join the conversation.

As Twitter wrote on their home page: We know you come from different generations….But you share a common bond; the desire to make a difference in the world, bringing reliable information to the communities you serve.

Basically, ‘let’s stop having the conversation about old media vs. new media.’ It’s a done deal. Digital media is our new language. Now everyone needs to learn the tools.