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Protests in Egypt: Social Media at Work


Amazing and interesting things I saw today about the protests in Egypt:

Is Egypt the next social media revolution?

“…Sifting the wheat from the chaff, given the extraordinary volume of traffic, is a full-time job. One typically overstated entry on a Facebook page Thursday read: “Live ammunition is being fired at protesters. … Innocent protesters who want their basic rights are being massacred.” There is as much misinformation as information.”

“…The sheer scale of the online “movement” — and the speed with which it has grown — is breathtaking. The hashtag #jan25 began “trending worldwide” on Twitter Thursday, generating dozens of tweets and retweets every minute. When Mohamed ElBaradei arrived in Cairo late Thursday, the retweets went into overdrive, complete with plenty of advice for him.”

<a href="Shirky, Clay. The Political Power of Social Media. Foreign Affairs, Jan/Feb 2011.…“>The Political Power of Social Media

by Clay Shirky (Foreign Affairs/Jan-Feb 2011):

“…Social media have become coordinating tools for nearly all of the world’s political movements, just as most of the world’s authoritarian governments (and, alarmingly, an increasing number of democratic ones) are trying to limit access to it.”

From the Diaspora:

> Return to Cairo of his youth leaves Toronto professor racked with guilt

The Globe and Mail, Friday Jan 28, 2011

> Waseem Wagdi, Egyptian protester at the Egyptian Embassy in London, 29/01/2011