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Time for a New Pocket Camera (the size of my lipstick)

I own and have loved a Canon Elph since 2005. The camera slips into my purse, right next to my lipstick; I love that it can slip into the same little pocket. I can also carry it in a small clutch without adding too much bulk: (although, since my baby arrived – my bags are much bigger!)


I like the quality of the pics I get with the Elph, but I’m much happier when I’m using my bigger, bulkier Canon G10:


I know camera technology has grown – in leaps – so I’ve decided to look around for a pocket camera with the quality of the G10 (or would some call the G10, pocket?). I’m not going into DSLR territory: I just want a good point and shoot that can work in low light, has a manual override and a wide-angle lens. (Is that too much to ask?)

While hunting, I found an article by (of course), David Pogue at the NYTimes:

Check it out: He recommends the Canon Sureshot s90.

I’m off and running now – the price of the s90 is a bit high (over $400) – so I’m going to explore some more.

My first stop for camera reviews is always: Digital Photography Review.

Here is their review of the Canon s90.

So far I’ve had some amazing point and shoots over the years. Now when I think about it, their price points were all around $400 +. I thought that with new advancements, and new technologies the prices might have dropped. No such luck.

I own these:

1. Ricoh
2. Panasonic Lumix
3. The Elph (SD450)
4. Canon G10

What’s next?