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Changing Scarborough’s violent image

Changing Scarborough's imageOnce nicknamed “Scarlem,” this community finds itself at the forefront of a change.

Matthew Gutwillig│April 13, 2009

The media portrayal of Scarborough as a violent-ridden community escalated during the “Year of the Gun” in 2005. Don Gillmor’s 2007 article in Toronto Life, “The Scarborough Curse” put the nail in the coffin for the area by describing it as “a mess of street gangs, firebombings and stabbings.”

Through this turbulent time, local social agencies continue to work on reducing violence and restoring the community’s tainted reputation.

East Metro Youth Services (EMYS) has been at the forefront of this effort and is a Scarborough-run mental-health centre for children that fosters two separate anti-violence programs for youth called the Respect in Schools Everywhere (RISE) program and the Violence Intervention Project (VIP).

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