From the Vaults: Teaching Multimedia, Teaching Multimedia

Journalists start private multimedia company

The other night I met with a fellow journalism instructor to discuss an academic writing project on the rise of online media when she said, “why don’t we begin ‘train the trainer’ workshops?” Perhaps she felt fatigued by the theoretical and conceptual discussion we were having, but I did give it some thought. Both capable multimedia producers and writers, we could begin to think about jumping on the rise of digital media in multiple ways.

When you put something out there like this, often pieces of information come your way to support your ideas. By chance today I stumbled on these two former journalists who are creating multimedia audio slideshows for both non-profit and corporate clients. Though these two are producing multimedia projects, and my colleague’s idea is more about teaching folks within educational institutions how to teach multimedia, I think their business model might be good inspiration for others looking to branch out and catch (and cash in on) the multimedia wave.

Their website is: