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Second Life’s Virtual Newspaper Business


Lately I wander around Second Life. I think its 3-D style represents the second wave of the web–at least, potentially.

Second Life gives me a pre-made cartoon character when I sign on. She may grow into a version of my fantasy-self, according to the orientation I take. I decide how she looks and acts: sexy, strong, smart, entrepreneurial and curious. I note self-consciously that sexy is the first descriptor I use.

Indeed, the visual style is a Tomb Raiders, video game—not necessarily so action packed, but definitely visually appealing and “sexy.”


I did meet some scary ‘people’/avatars today who chose to buy themselves virtual guns, dragon scales or swords to carry. But I also saw ‘No Weapons’ signs at the doorway to some organizations.

Looking around, my first instinct, even in my second life, is to find the newsroom. This is the almost the first place I start.

I find the Second Life newspaper by doing a search for groups and I teleport myself there. Like the cartoons, a storm of ‘stars’ swirls around me as I transport myself from location to location in the second world. Outside the SL offices, this help wanted ad stood out: “Write us a quick story. 15 lines + 1 pic. Your story could be read by 10, 000 readers.” I find out that James T. Juno produces both the ads and the newspaper.

Does SLN report real on world news for the virtual world? Or on virtual news for the real world? (The website takes you to a standard URL in the “two dimensional” web).

Today revealed mostly frustrating beginnings otherwise; I must learn how to fly and walk and dress myself, virtually. Also, I do what most people do on the web: communicate, research, make friends, explore and look for proof that you are not alone.

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